The windowed door through which one enters the monastery; the opaque white door through which Leonie entered the enclosure in 1899, exclaiming "When I leave here, it will be in my coffin!"; the chapel entrance

Stairs leading to the crypt; a photo of Leonie's tomb as it appeared after she was buried there; photos of the holy place of prayer where her body once lay.  The inscription reads, in French:  "Former tomb where reposed Sister Francoise-Therese (Marie Leonie Martin), born at Alencon on June 5, 1863 and died at Caen June 17, 1941.  She was buried here June 21, 1941 and exhumed April 25, 2015."

Leonie's new, more accessible tomb in the public chapel of the Visitation, photographed in November 2017 and again in May 2018.  The inscription on her new tomb reads:  "Here rests Sister Francoise Therese, Leonie Martin, sister of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, who died June 17, 1941 at the age of 78 years."

The public chapel of the Visitation Monastery.  Leonie made her profession here; her funeral was celebrated here; and her cause was formally opened at the diocesan level here in 2015.  Photos of the main altar, side altars, various statues, Stations of the Cross, and the promises of the Sacred Heart.  The last two photos in this gallery, taken from the front of the chapel, show the exit leading to the street.  Leonie's new shrine is at the back of the chapel; in these photos, it is on your right.

The beautiful stained-glass windows lining the chapel of the Visitation in Caen.  Many of them show important moments in the lives of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jeanne de Chantal and in the history of the Visitation Order. 

The choir where Leonie prayed with the community every day and where the nuns still pray daily.  A painting of the Visitation (Mary going to visit Elizabeth).  This virtual visit to the Visitation is the work of Yves Cogoluegnes and Shelley Kong, who made two special trips to Caen to crreate this visual  record and made a gift of it to this Web site.  Please say a prayer of thanksgiving for them.  Thank you.