July 2, 2015: The Visitation nuns of Toledo rejoice at the opening of the process for Leonie Martin


I asked the Visitation nuns of Toledo, who celebrated the centenary of their monastery on the day Leonie's cause was opened (at that time the Feast of the Visitation) for their comment on the news.  They graciously answered:

The sisters are rejoicing over the news that Leonie’s cause has been opened. She is a favorite not only among the sisters but among many friends as well. Leonie’s life is an inspiration to all of us that we can become saints, that is, we can become holy by embracing the present moment and, as St Francis de Sales would say, “being who we are and being that well.” And for those who have a difficult child or who have known a difficult childhood, Leonie understands. We can only marvel at His Providence that on the day we celebrate our 100 years in the Diocese of Toledo, Leonie Martin’s cause was opened in Caen. A special gift from our Lord!

Monastery of the Visitation
Toledo, Ohio

Let's pray that the community may flourish in Toledo for at least another century.  May Leonie, who loved the Visitation so ardently, unite with Jane de Chantal and Francis de Sales to obtain God's graces for it.